Our language training courses for private individuals

Inlingua offers training in more than 20 languages and possesses a range of products suitable for all age-groups with different objectives.
Inlingua is the choice for more and more private individuals for its efficacy, its flexibility, its reactivity and its excellent quality/price ratio.


One-to-one lessons

One-to-one training courses are chosen for their efficacy and their flexibility. We recommend them for very specific programmes for which group training cannot be considered.

We offer solutions to many different requirements :

Acquisition of the basics of a language
Advanced training
Preparation for job-interviews –( inlingua has a specialized programme)
Preparation for a personal project, a visit or a trip
Preparation for tests and examinations

These courses are also recommended for those who have time schedules incompatible with group lessons.

Inlingua language training centres can also organize one-to-one distance-learning programmes:

Training by telephone
Training by videoconference
Training by telephone and/or videoconference with on-line support

The advantages of one-to-one courses

Personalized and motivating
Rapid progress without time-wasting
Development of linguistic automatisms and autonomy
Improvement in speaking skills
Complete individual monitoring of progress

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Le 16 septembre 2015, par François-Xavier F.
Le commentaire d'un client sur l'excellent travail fourni par l'équipe inlingua de Lille.
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